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Introducing Just-a-piece puller in all our f r e s h w i p e s boxes.

Now you will pull ju s t a pie ce o f ko sher freshwipe from all our sel f-di spensing pull-a-pie ce boxes .

In all our fre shwipe s boxe s – rectangle / cube / mini hygiene ti ssue pack s and also in the newly launched pyramid boxes you will find a paper tag , inser ted in to the first piece , tha t help s you pull just-a-piece as you open the box . And tha t should help avoid the mischance of freshwipe s popping out in a bunch . . helplessly …

The paper tag first piece puller carrie s our message on the ‘Individual Social Responsibility’ – “ . . do nur ture a t leas t one plant , at least in a pot” First piece puller tags are also placed inside all customized freshwipes boxes we supply – with just the social message and our website url .