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Launching Bamboo Paper Tissues now in India

Kosher Bamboo range of paper tissue products are made from pure bamboo pulp and are processed sustaining its natural properties without using any bleaching agent. Paper tissue made from bamboo products exceed conventional wood pulp on the tissue characteristics; of water absorption, softness and functionality. Beyond superne tissue Kosher Bamboo products provide consumers satisfaction; of sustainable consumption, of enabling environment conservation, of belongingness to distinct class and a good sense of prestige.

As a growing and responsible corporate, we intend to ascertain the virtues of Bamboo in exploring the feasibility and the advantages for progressively adopting bamboo as the primary and larger source for making personal hygiene tissue products. The objective of the project is to assess the larger environment and economic benets that can be derived and the ideal model of operation to be able realize that in a large measure. In pursuing our study we intend to partner with betting agriculture institutes and knowledgeable minds. We hope to construct an industry sector and in India.